Who We are...

We are a family of Overcomers; we are more than Conquerors through Christ Jesus!


We claim the promise that "Greater is He that is in us, than he that is in the world"! We claim the promise that we "can do all things through Christ who gives us strength"! Those are promises for each of us!

We have been in full time music ministry for nearly two decades, sharing the hope and love of Christ! We have a passion for everyone we come in contact with to discover who they are in Christ! We desire for you to know that the love of God is able to conquer what feels like the impossible in your life. We don't have of list of accolades, awards or hit songs to share with you. But we do have our journey.

Our desire as a family is to share our story and our music with you as a gift of worship ... a message of inspiration for others. We sincerely want to let people know that there is hope in Christ! Hope above depression, hurt, and troubling circumstances. We want to encourage individuals that they are beautifully, fearfully and wonderfully made. That they "more than conquerors through Christ Jesus".

From Sunday worship services, to concerts, to Women's and Worship Conferences, we have surrendered our lives to share our passion for what God has done for us. And the beautiful truth is, He has a plan and a purpose for you too!


Brandon and Chrysta Beene have been singing together in full time ministry since before they even said "I Do". They have been on the road in Gospel music ministry for 20 years, and now joined onstage and in ministry by their teenage daughter, Savannah. The Beene’s talent and their heart for the Gospel and for worship is powerful and engaging. Their testimonies are inspiring. They share their stories transparently. They share about transformations. Transformations of realizing the value, identity, strength, and beauty that they have in Christ. They share the the powerful personal realization and truth that we "can do all things through Christ who gives strength": empowered by the greatness of God. Their love for people, for worship and for the local church resonates through their ministry. The music they sing is heartfelt. The family not only sings and leads in worship, but also dedicates their time ministering to people all over the country through coaching and encouragement. They have a passion to see everyday families live victorious lives through Christ. Their ministry is not just a music ministry... It's a life ministry.

Where We are...

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What's the Deal?

Here are some common questions about our ministry...

How long have you been on the road?

We traveled on the road in Professional Gospel Music with our family, The Beene Family for over 15 years. The family retired from full-time traveling in 2011. We then continued our ministry as a couple, and have been traveling ever since. We mainly sing and minister on the weekends, which allows us to be home as a family during the week.

How far do you travel?

We are based in Johnson City, Tennessee, but travel through out the United States and Canada.

For what kinds of events are you available?

We are available for Concerts, Sunday Worship Services, Worship & Bible Conferences, Home Concerts and Women's Conferences.

How Do I schedule an event with you?

Scheduling any event is easy! Please contact Brandon Beene at (423) 967-1810.

What they're saying...

“Brandon and Chrysta Beene have been an inspiration to me! Their lives and their music reflect their hearts as well as their desire to overcome this life's struggles with the help of the Lord. Do not pass up an opportunity to see these two in concert - your life will be touched and you will walk away inspired, as I do every time!”

Kathy Veltcamp-Cragin

Ripon, CA

“Our worship experience with Brandon and Chrysta Beene was nothing short of a movement of the Spirit of God for LifeBridge Church. This was not a performance, but a Spirit led song service which encouraged celebration, joy, and commitment. Brandon and Chrysta are truly using their gifts to glorify God, and spread the Gospel message of Jesus Christ!”

Pastor Brandon Harrington

Deer Park, TX

"Brandon and Chrysta Beene are talented, energetic and authentic vessels of God’s Grace, Love and Hope. Through their music, their ministry and their Healthy Families Program, they are passionate to share the journey of overcoming their own physical and emotional challenges with kindness, humor, honesty and encouragement, helping others become more of the joyful, unique and genuine people God created us to be."

Linda Stanley

Thousand Oaks, CA

"It's always a joy to have Brandon and Chrysta sing for us. They share in both word and worship through Gods spirit in power and grace. The stories they share of redemption, love, and acceptance are always inspirational and encouraging."

Music Pastor Brad Cook

Olympia, WA

"Brandon and Chrysta are authentic, transparent, inspiring and AMAZINGLY TALENTED! With a mix of trusted and proven polished professionalism, the Beene's delight audiences while pointing them to God."

Bill and Pam Farrel

Best Selling Christian Authors

"We have been blessed to have Brandon & Chrysta Beene with us on several occasions and each time we leave feeling incredibly encouraged and deeply loved. Brandon & Chrysta use their tremendous talents to share the love of Christ as they genuinely touch and minister to others."

Pastor Sonny Hyde

Reedsburg, WI

"Brandon and Chrysta Beene have been partnering in ministry with me for 10 years! The reason I keep having them return to my church is because of their hearts for God, His people and their willingness to be real. They truly minister to me personally and to my congregation! Not only are their hearts right, but they are of the highest caliber of talent in the U.S. I highly recommend them to any church of any denominational background! They sing Jesus!"

Loren Minnick, Worship Pastor

Las Vegas, NV